Film Networking Tips and Education in Portland, Oregon

Behind the Scenes of the series ExceptionalsIf you’re in the Portland, Oregon area and you want to work in the video and film field, there are many different ways you can position yourself whether you have little experience or a great deal of experience.

Listed below are some resources and tips to get you started.


Networking & Memberships

  • Practice telling people who you are and what you do (even non-industry people).
  • Be ready with 9 cards.
  • Go to networking events (Portland Film Festival has a major annual one, Jerry Bell has a monthly one where he showcases filmmakers’ short films/trailers, OMPA has networking events).
  • Join organizations: OMPA, Women in Film PDX (
  • Look for Meetup groups, like The Portland Independent Film Networking Meetup.

Put Yourself Out There

  • Have a good website.
  • Join OMPA and get listed in their directory Source Oregon.
  • Make a Facebook page for your services and post regularly.
  • Work toward creating a reel that showcases your talents.
  • Send your resume to film and video companies you want to work with.
  • Have a complete LinkedIn profile.

Actors Chelsey Rae and Levy Tran step behind the camera for a change.

Join Facebook Groups

  • People are always posting “I need a DP, gaffer, P.A., etc. via these groups.
  • You can also share your work and Kickstarter projects on these pages.
  • You can browse members and see what they do and find people to work with.


Indie Oregon Films – 2,390 members
Oregon Media & Film Group – 1,947
Portland Film Community – 2,220
PDX Film Collective – 4,057
Portland Film & Video Networking – 4,490
Film & Media Community of Oregon – 1,887


Film Industry Network – 76,716
More… probably not as effective as local


Portland Casting Hub (for casting only) – 5,537
& other niches within filmmaking (ex. MUA groups, groups for producers/investors, etc.)
(List compiled and accurate as of October 2016)



Festivals & Competitions

Rochelle Muzquiz and Eva Lorelle prepare to film a scene inside a car.

  • Portland has several festivals every year: Portland Film Festival, Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival, Portland International Film Festival, etc.
  • Submit work to festivals to be seen.
  • If you receive recognition at a festival or via a competition, it boosts your credibility and can be added to your resume.
  • If you’re just starting out, join or start a team for the 48-Hour Film Project (annual).




Full Brain Films filming in Death Valley.

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